Eye For the World

The visionary thinker Jacob Böhme
Prolonged until 1 August 2020
Embassy of the Free Mind, Keizersgracht 123, Amsterdam

The Art of Eugene Halliday and Käthe Schuftan

Featured in the Insiders Outsiders Festival
14 September 2019 to 13 April 2020

This is the story of two artists who met in Manchester during the Second World War. One, a Manchester-born artist, writer, philosopher and healer; the other a Gernam Jewish refugee artist. They became friends, worked and exhibited together. When Schuftan died, prematurely, in 1958, Halliday made sure of a retrospective exhibition of her work at Salford Art Gallery. After that, she was forgotten apart from in the memories of her close friends. Many years after Halliday's death, around 2012, the Tribute that he gave at her funeral came to light, and so began the search for Schuftan's story. This exhibition at Tan y Garth Hall Retreat, which opened in the 80th anniversary month of the outbreak of the Second World War, is the first time both artists' work has been seen in public since the 1950s. A most welcome rediscovery of their work.

Introductory talk by Hephzibah Yohannan, September 2019

The Art of William Blake

William Blake
Tate Britain
September 2019 - February 2020

William Blake (1757-1827) was a working class artist and writer who grew up in the Christian mystical tradition of the Moravian church. He was ignored in his day but is now much revered.  He was influenced by the work of Jacob Böhme (1575-1624) a shoemaker and deep thinker , philosopher, Christian mystic and Lutheran theologian.  His work was so controversial for his time that he delayed publication for many years.